• IRPCO adheres to strict quality control standards to ensure that the products provided to our customers perform to the specification requirements.
  • A complete quality control system is in place which addresses accountability, accuracy, recordkeeping, auditing, corrective actions, and ongoing improvement.
  • This system covers all of our functions from the receipt of raw materials from our suppliers to order entry, production, and accounting.
  • Our quality manual is available for inspection if required. Please contact any IRPCO personnel if you need more information.


UL 330 Curb Pump Hose Assemblies


IRPCO adheres to the strict protocol outlined in the UL 330 mandate for consumer dispensing hose assemblies. Effective Jan. 1, 2013, all curb pump hose assemblies must be tested and inspected to this standard. In addition, UL inspectors frequent our facility to insure all production and testing measures are in place.



LP (propane) hose assemblies and aircraft hose assemblies are produced in our large diameter hose cell (LDHC). Both of these hoses require strict adherence to stringent coupling, testing, and recordkeeping procedures.
  1. The hoses are cut to the length required and coupled to manufacturers specification.
  2. After the coupling procedure the hose are pressure tested to the specification required by the regulatory body responsible (UL, DOT, or API).
  3. After a successful test the coupling is engraved with a serial number. This number is kept on file at IRPCO along with the customer identification and date information.
  4. All of this information is transferred to the certification document which is packaged with the hose itself. A copy of the certification document is also sent with the invoice and another copy is retained in the IRPCO files. This information is also stored electronically in the IRPCO system. Redundancy here insures that the certification information is available if needed.



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